G.I.Joe ‘Falcon’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today we are taking a look at G.I.Joe Falcon. Falcon was introduced in the 1987 G.I.Joe: The Movie and was voiced by Don Johnson. Falcon was instantly one of my favorites because Miami Vice was one of my favorite shows at the time. Falcon had an awesome uniform and I loved when he got transferred over to Slaughter to whip him into shape.

There have been a number of figure upgrades over the years but the 1987 version has always been my favorite. I love the uniform and the green beret makes him pop. He has a unique backpack with a cool radio antenna. He also comes with one of the all time greatest weapons. His shotgun is very recognizable and sticks out among many of the other figures weapons.

I had Falcon as a kid and I have always loved the original. I do have other Falcon figures in my collection, but the original has never been matched in my opinion. There are other great looking figures but the original is my personal favorite and the only version I had as a kid. Who loves the original Falcon? Which is your favorite version? Sound off below and let us know AFTER THE JUMP! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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