G.I.Joe Fan Site ‘TheTerrordrome.com’ is Shutting Down!


Many years ago, a large group of people who are now great friends started out at a little G.I.Joe Fan site called TheTerrordrome.com. I am proud to consider that group of fella’s some of my closest friends in the world. Guys like Major Wolf, Stormshadow_210, Protoxero, John Shaft, Dominic.18, Duffman, and countless others. Today it was announced that site is going away for good. Although all of us have moved on to Serpentorslair, we take this moment to solute all the good times we had when we all started out at that forum.  Share your thoughts on the topic after the JUMP!

(Source: TheTerrordrome.com)

After nearly seven years, I am finally shuttering the doors here at The Terror Drome. The site has been on life-support for the last two years at least. Part of that fact has been due to the fact that G.I. Joe has been on life-support itself. The brand is not what it used to be and just can’t sustain as many Joe fans that are still out there.
There have been a lot of good times here, I’ve made some many of friends through here. Sadly I have to say there has been a number of people I wish I would have never met too, because it has been emotional time over the nearly seven years here. Sadly in the end the frustration of dealing some people has made the site something I’d rather not have to deal with.
So here we are today. Looking back at the years here it is finally time to say goodbye. On May 7th, the site will shut down for good. Before that happens, I would suggest you contacting anybody you would like to continue talking to if you haven’t already done so. If you have the only copy of an image uploaded here, I suggest you saving yourself a copy too.
If you are looking for somewhere else to hang out and talk G.I. Joe, I suggest trying HissTank.com, YoJoe.com and JoeBattlelines.com. These guys have been staples in the community for a time longer than the TD and hopefully continue for years to come.
Thanks to everyone that visited The Terror Drome and enjoy it. You are the people I am thankful for. You will be able to find me over at PopCritica.com posting about G.I. Joe and other pop culture news.
See you on the flip side.

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