G.I.Joe ‘Gnawgahyde’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m talking about Metal-Head’s bestie in the G.I.Joe Dic Cartoon series, Gnawgahyde. This is one figure I had as a kid and one of my favorite figures from this year. He is a Dreadnok, he has awesome accessories, and he has a wild boar. Every accessory was just awesome that came with Gnawgahyde. The rifle, his knife, machete, bow, quiver that is a backpack, and of course his removable hat. The only other version came in the 2011 Dreadnok battle back.

At the time this was too expensive and I passed on the set. This is one of the best battle sets released and I wish I had been able to get that one. Every figure was just awesome in the set. I do have a complete original figure and he is still as much a stud today as he was 30 years ago. I thought he was one of the best characters in the cartoon, and again he may be a long shot for a 6 inch figure but I would love to see him. Who had Gnawgahyde as a kid? Who has the modern battle pack from 2011? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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2 comments to “G.I.Joe ‘Gnawgahyde’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!”
  1. Ahhh yes yes, the ever polarizing Gnawgahyde!!! For many years I refused to collect any gi joe figures past 1987, a few from 88. As my collection neared complete I of course branched out further, and fir the 1st time in years i was back to collecting Joes based on simply loving the look of the action figure (I was enthralled with piecing together important characters I hadnt held onto from the old days, now i was able to begin collecting based on the look, not just historical importance to me lol)…. at first I hesitated on this guy because he is a poacher. I’m not one for destroying animals (personal preference, not a judgement) especially poaching hahaha. But I couldn’t help but realize how freaking awesome this figure is, and the great accessories. Love the wild boar too!!!!! For far too long I had the thought that if a character wasnt from the original series, then it didnt exist to me. So glad I moved past that thought. Now this guy sits on my shelf in top notch condition!!!

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