G.I.Joe ‘Hi-Tech’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at a G.I.Joe character that was created for the evolving military. Hi-Tech came on board to create new technological weapons that are aimed more at defeating the enemy with more then just pointing a gun and blowing things up. Hi-Tech was introduced in 2004 in the Valor vs Venom series. I remember picking up this figure back in 2005 at Big Lots. The Dr. Mindbender figure is what caught my eye but Hi-Tech quickly became one of my favorite characters. Hi-Tech ended up being a staple character in the Sigma 6 series and has 2 figures in the Sigma 6 line. There is also a 12 inch Hi-Tech figure out there but I think you have a better chance of finding Bigfoot! I think Hi-Tech is a prime candidate for a modern figure.

Maybe we will get him down the road but I made my own modern version that looks ok for a simple head swap and a few minor tweaks. Hi-Tech should be in the molding room for a 6 inch figure. I could see him and Tunnel Rat being made in the same wave. I think they could slam the original and the Sigma 6 versions together to make a 6 inch. I like his long blond hair look and the crazy spiked hair look gives him a little bit of a mad genius look so both would be really cool. Over all Hi-Tech is a really awesome character and I think it would be cool for a modern animated series with some of the great 2000 characters in it such as Hi-Tech, Cross Hair, and Dr. Link Talbot to name a few. This is a character that could have a long running back story and still be popular 20 years from now.

I like the live action movies, but with the great advances in animation I would love to see a G.I. Joe animated series with the intensity, passion, and animation much like the Star Wars Clone Wars series and the upcoming Star Wars Bad Batch series. There is a huge gap and this past decade has been the age of the collector, but I would love to see the next decade as a rebuilding time to reinvent the franchise and I think Hi-Tech is just the guy to lead us to the new world.

The 6 inch figures are awesome, but I would love to see a solid 3-3/4 inch line with figures that have not gotten a modern update along with some new characters to enhance and introduce the young crowd to G.I. Joe. I think if Disney picked up the franchise, it would be a fresh new ball game. Who loves Hi-Tech? Sound off below and let us know! Who would love to see a new animated series? Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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