THE POP-EXPOSE ‘Growing Up with Yamaha 4 Wheelers’ Story by Mitchell Smith!

Hello everybody. Today I’m taking a flashback to my teen years and talking about one of the most influential companies on me in my teen years. Honda had the death trap 3 wheelers and Yamaha was the top company for 4 wheel ATVs. My father bought 2 Yamaha Big Bears around 1987 and it didn’t take long for the fire to spread. The neighborhood quickly started buying 4 wheelers and soon there were roughly 20 people in my small town who could go out the back door and go riding for hours.

We made trails through the woods and took pleasure in riding in an abandoned gravel pit near my house. It was a ton of fun and although my Big Bear looked much like a Cobra Ferret we used to pretend we were Top Gun pilots and chase each other around on them. Winters were always interesting, we would hook a round disc sled to the ATV and see who could hold on the longest. I think I still have some faint scares from being wrapped around a tree or 2. My one family friend had a Yamaha Blaster and that was a real cool ATV.

Built more for speed this had a sharp look and would really motor. One of the older gentleman in town had a Yamaha Banshee. What a machine this was. Rumor had it this would go a 100 miles per hour. Truth be told 75 is the top speed though. That’s still pretty fast. That was the machine I wanted as a kid. Production was stopped in 2006 but I can still pick up a used one for $2500.00 give or take.

Looks like I might need a pick up truck too. It has been some time since I have been out 4 wheeling. It’s something I really miss about living in the country. I often think back of all the fun and joy we had growing up with ATVs. It’s something my kids don’t have but someday I plan to get one but I have to get out of the city if I’m going to enjoy my Yamaha Banshee.

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