Breaker is interesting in that he only has a PMS listed (Infantry) and no SMS. It also indicates he went to Signal School, which is what MOS’s in the Signal Corps Branch (25 series) go to. So his Infantry PMS and Signal School are very conflicting.

What is usually not known is an RTO (Radio Tele-Phone Operator) within an Infantry platoon is not from the 25 series, but rather an 11B Infantryman assigned the radio. They usually give it to someone in the lower ranks (Privates). 25 series MOS’s typically work back at forward operating bases and base stations (depending on their exact MOS) and are not front-line soldiers.

Another interesting tidbit on Breaker’s filecard is that he served on Project Gamma. This was a unit within the 5th Special Forces Group (SFG) from 1967-1970 assigned to do covert operations during the Vietnam War. Technically the only U.S organization allowed to do covert operations is the CIA. So as long as there is a CIA operative assigned to a US military unit then that is legal within the confines of the U.S law in terms of operations defined as “covert”. Breaker is technically the only G.I. Joe OG13 from the initial filecards that confirms he served during the Vietnam War. Stalker and Snake-Eyes filecards indicate it later.

Since Breaker would have been assigned to 5th SFG it does not necessarily mean he is Special Forces (a Green Beret). Most of a SFG consists of other MOS’s. However the fact he knows seven languages would tend to put him more or less as Special Forces. Not many other MOS’s go to language training so it would make sense for him to be a “Green Beret”. He could have started his military career in the Infantry, been assigned as the platoon’s RTO and took an interest in going Special Forces as a Communications Sergeant. This would negate his Signal School as I believe Comms Sergeants in SF attend a different school for comms than 25 series. Or he could have started as a 25C Radio Operator Maintainer then gone Special Forces (and thus negating his Infantry PMS).

“Covert Electronics” school could have been attended during his time with Project Gamma. This would be training such as surveillance electronics, covert audio collection, advanced concealment development, etc. Or he could have gone to this “school” shortly after joining the Joes. Either time would be appropriate for the unit he was assigned to (Project Gamma or the Joe team).

Since he did server during the Vietnam War his rank would be an E-7 or E-8 by now as well. What are your thoughts on this filecard? Share them with us in the comments below!

Image courtesy of 3DJoes.com

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