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Destro is listed as “Weapons Manufacturer” for his PMS and “Terrorist” for his SMS. Destro always adheres to a code of honor, which makes him a more fleshed out character versus a one-dimensional evil villain that just does things just to be evil. He will sell to the highest bidder, regardless if it is Cobra Command or some other group. His Iron Grenadiers will help the spread of war to further his arms deals. He also wears a silver (sometime gold) mask in honor of his past relative who was forced to wear one due to being caught selling arms to both sides in a long forgotten war. Hopefully it is not the same mask as that thing has to reek after all those centuries.

His “terrorist” SMS could be that he on occasion leads Cobra or Iron Grenadier skirmishes to help with spreading war. However if he is the CEO of a corporation such as MARS I do not know how he would not be arrested by Interpol for crimes against humanity? Why would the United Kingdom allow a known criminal to operate unimpeded from his Scottish castle?

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