G.I.Joe ‘Mainframe’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today we are talking about the G.I.Joe Team’s first computer specialist, ‘Mainframe‘. Mainframe came on the scene in 1986. Up to this point there were communication specialist such as Breaker and Sparks, but computers even though they had been around for decades, had only started to be made compact in the seventies, and they really didn’t catch on till the eighties. Although there could have been a computer specialist earlier in the franchise I think Mainframe represents the birth of the computer age.

My brother got Mainframe that year for Christmas and naturally what was his was also mine. Mainframe has a nice look to him. Mostly gray with a really cool looking helmet. He also came with a cool looking radio pack with a mic attached by the black hose and a laptop computer which at the time was really cool. Mainframe appeared first in Arise Serpentor Arise and was kind of a slacker and was put in line by SGT Slaughter with the rest of the Joes. There were a couple other figures but not many.

I got the 2008 figure and like many may have done, I hollowed out his helmet and slapped it on a Flash head to make a custom Mainframe with a removable helmet. All in all Mainframe has been a character I have always loved and I have always loved the original figure. Do you remember the first computer your school got? Is Mainframe one of your favorite figures? MAKE THE JUMP to the forums and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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