G.I.Joe ‘Mini Playsets’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith

Image Courtesy of 3djoes.com

Welcome to the Outpost. I’m going to touch on a couple small G.I.Joe playsets that were awesome back in the 80’s. I had very few of these but I was able to get some as a collector and wished I would have had more of these as a kid. The 1984 watchtower was pretty simple but it packed a lot of play value. For a small play set this had a ladder, door to enter, sandbags, a spot light, a machine gun, and a flag. This one held 3-4 Joes comfortably, enough to man each side anyways.

There were other greats like the Mortar defense, Missile defense and the Bivouac that came with a cot, tent, a radio, and many other accessories. 1985 had a few like the ammo dump, rifle range, and the Cobra Bunker. The Bunker looked great and could be set up around the 1986 Terrordrome for some added defense. 1986 had some small playsets like Cobra Surveillance, LAW and the Outpost Defender. 1987 had the trailer Coaster Defender, which was kind of the last small play set. This one looked like a box of ammo or something and opened up as a vehicle with missiles and a radar.

The small play sets were cool and I’m not sure why they got away from them. Maybe they just ran out of ideas but these were some of the best and I had a few of them as a kid but it would have been nice to see more of these mini play sets as a kid for sure. They are really cool now to display Joe and Cobra figures so I will just have to enjoy them for what they are worth. Who else loves the mini playsets? Sound off and let us know AFTER THE JUMP! Check back for our next Joe discussion.

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