G.I.Joe ‘Recondo’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

photo courtesy of 3djoes.com

The 1984 G.I.Joe ‘Recondo‘ was the only figure I got this year. He is a very cool figure and I was happy to get him but I would have liked more from 1984. I’m sure most of you have heard my Spirit story and how I wanted him so bad. My brother had Scrap Iron and the Rattler, but outside of those I had nothing. My grandparents got me Recondo for my 9th birthday and he was awesome from head to toe. This was a very unique individual. He had the signature hat of course and the mustache made him a figure that stood out among the rest. The rest of his uniform was awesome and his pack and gun rounded out the whole figure to make him one of the greatest of all time. I was thinking about how much time went into this figure being picked out for me at the store. Was there other figures at the store? I wondered also if they looked at the file cards.

My grandfather’s first wife was a LeClaire, and she passed away before I was born. I wondered if Recondo was picked out do to that or if it was pure coincidence. I guess I will never know. I still have the head to my original Recondo and now have painted it with a black hat and grey hair to reflect and aged Recondo. Recondo played a big roll in the cartoon so he was an easy one to connect to and he was an easy one for me to fall in love with. He would have been cool with a machete, but I was able to steal one from another figure to show him chopping his way through the jungle. I had a Tiger Force Recondo and was able to get my hands on the modern figure, but the 1984 figure will always have a special place in my heart. Who else loves Recondo? Does anyone have a special story to connect you to Recondo? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP, and make sure to check back tomorrow for another G.I. Joe discussion. Stay safe all.


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