G.I.Joe ‘ROCK N ROLL’ 40 Years of Greatness!

Story by Mitchell Smith

Welcome to the Outpost. Over the years there have been many awesome G.I.Joe characters and figures. One figure I got in 1982 straight arm Rock ‘n Roll was awesome and become one of my favorite characters. In the summer of 84 there was a lady in town who had a flea market on here front porch and living room. We used to say let’s go to Joan’s. Well I found a Short Fuse and a 1983 swivel arm Rock ‘n Roll. The swivel arm was cool because you had better range for action pictures and they didn’t break as easy.

I had fun with him over the years and still have his head and chest piece from that swivel arm figure I found that day. Fast forward to 1989. Talk about taking a cool figure and making it just as awesome if not more then the original. The 89 figure is one I got as a Christmas present, probably from Santa knowing my mother. What a cool figure, and I still have parts of this one as well but my puppy chomped his head a bit. She ended up being a great dog though.

In 2007 G.I. Joe launched the 25th style Joes and in 2008 I remember wanting Rock ‘n Roll pretty bad and I did find him at Walmart. He is an awesome figure and I think it’s time for him to see some action. Roll back time to the 1993 Star Brigade figure that I found at the flea market still in the package somewhere around 2015. This is a cool figure but the boxy figure may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Later I got another one of these and a 1991 version which is a repaint of the 1989 figure. The original is better hands down. I have two 12 inch Rock n’ Rolls.

One is from 1993 and the other is from 2008. Both look pretty cool. I have a couple of the 1993 I found at the flea market one the clothes were torn so I got him for battle damaged Rock n’ Roll and the other I got at TRU back when it came out new . I thought Rock n’ Roll would have been the better choice to go with the classified RAM, but I would be happy to see him single carded. I think if they put out Rock n’ Roll or any of the green shirt characters they would fly off the shelves as people would buy multiples to do custom figures, but that’s a story for another day. Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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