G.I.Joe ‘Scarlett’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Happy Friday everyone. Today I’m getting into one of the most popular G.I.Joe characters from 1982, ScarlettScarlett was unique in many ways in 1982. The only women on the team and she had a unique uniform, weapon, and of course she had the scarlet red hair. She has had several upgraded figures but her classic 1982 outfit has always been my favorite.

Scarlett has a recent 6 inch figure that is out now and although they never made a 12 inch figure of her I recently custom made one that didn’t come out too bad. I did not have her figure as a kid, but I do have several including the 1982 straight arm version. Scarlett has been a staple character in the cartoon and in the comics over the past 38 years and she has remained a popular character and fan favorite. The only female G.I. Joe that has rivaled her over the years is Lady Jaye.

Both are great characters and I love Lady Jaye but if it came right down to a knock em down drag em out I think Scarlett has the edge with her ninja skills. Although Lady Jaye did get a 12 inch figure she is still in line for her 6 inch figure. All in all I’m very happy that the Joe team was not afraid to put a female in the lineup of a toy aimed at boys. At the time I’m thinking it may have been a gamble, but it paid off and Scarlet will be around for many years to come. Who loves Scarlett? Did anyone have her as a kid? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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