G.I.Joe ‘Serpentor’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m checking out a G.I.Joe character that changed the whole Cobra operation. Serpentor was created by Dr. Mindbender and it was the turning point for Cobra Commander as the leader of the Cobra organization. Arise Serpentor Arise is one of my favorite series of the G.I. Joe animated series. The episodes introduced a ton of great characters including the power struggle between Serpentor, Cobra Commander, and the many other top ranking Cobra officers.

When Serpentor came on the scene he was a very unique character. I had the original character and I just loved him and his air chariot. Sadly I never had a Sgt. Slaughter till I got him with the Warthog. This is a cool version but I would have loved to have the original to battle Serpentor. Serpentor did have a few upgrades over the years but they are all similar.

The original is just such an awesome design it doesn’t need any improvement. I did use one of the modern bald heads to make a custom figure of myself. I think it looks pretty good LOL. This is definitely one on my 6 inch wish list, but that might be a long way off. Over all this is a great character all around and I hope we get to see some more Serpentor down the road. Maybe a fresh animated series focusing on him. Who loves the all mighty Serpentor? Sound off below and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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  1. Great article! GIJoe definitely got sci-fish in 1986, and I really enjoyed it, Serpentor’s story through the mini series was amazing. It’s my favorite mini series, no contest. I know some people didn’t like him, maybe because CC was no longer calling the shots, but nobody can say he has a bad figure, to this day I still think his mold is one of the finest molds in the line. Perfect color selection, extremely cool accessories, it’s tough to beat him!

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