‘G.I.Joe Shooter’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m diving into a modern character that could have been an original 1982 G.I.Joe character. ‘Shooter‘ was one figure I let slip away from me, and I still do not have one of her but someday I think it would be nice to own. This is a pretty unique character especially because the mysteries character appeared in a lineup of Joes in the original comic, but the character was never created for the photo until years later.

Originally Snake Eyes was created as a generic solid color figure to save money, much like many of the 1982 figures heads and body parts were rearranged to create different figures. So Snake Eyes very well could have been multiple figures that year including Shooter. Enough people loved the Snake Eyes look and they left him as an individual figure. So fast forward to 2016 the G.I. Joe Shooter was finally brought to life as a marksman, well really a markswomen. She is a very cool looking character and I think Shooter would have fit in great to a new cartoon series that was more like the original series.

Maybe someday, till then I guess I will just have to imagine the figure and create my own cartoon episodes. Who else likes Shooter? Sound off and let us know AFTER THE JUMP. Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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