G.I.Joe ‘Snow Cat’ Story by Mitchell Smith!

G.I. Joe had a lot of cool military vehicles from 1982-84, and 1985 there was a stellar lineup of great vehicles from the U.S.S. Flagg right down to the Bomb Disposal – this year was packed with great figures and play sets as well, but the Snow Cat was one that just jumped off the shelf at me that year. The white body with the two large orange missiles on skis was hard to overlook back in the day. The half track vehicle that has been reused many times over the past 30 years including the most recent 2014 Havoc was a perfect sized vehicle. It fit perfectly on a book shelf or what not and if you forgot it on the dinning room table mom didn’t get to mad at you for leaving your toy there.

Along with the working wiper blade attached to the canopy that would open to fit 2 Joes, you had the top missile rack that held 4 missiles and plenty of foot pegs along the back and sides to transport more Joes. It also came with one of my all time favorite characters – Frostbite. Frostbite was somewhat simple but effective with his thick black beard and rifle. The vehicle was featured in quite a few episodes of the cartoon, and this just enhanced wanting to have one.

It was a hard decision that year if you were a kid that was going to get just one vehicle and you were standing in the department store looking at all the great vehicles, but the Snow Cat stood out a bit. One odd thing about the packaging was that the prototype Frostbite was featured on the back, but the much better looking figure was the actual figure you got with the vehicle which was displayed in the front window of the box. The Snow Cat created many adventures for kids around the world, and it remains one of my favorite vehicles and some of the best memories as a kid.

What was your favorite G.I.Joe Vehicle as a kid? Was it the Snow Cat? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!


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