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I was lost for 90 percent of the movie.

Alice is called by the Red Queen to go back to the hive to get an antivirus that will destroy anything infected with a T cell. Anything.
Isaacs and Wesker want to stop her. Isaacs captures Alice and…takes her to the hive. Kinda counterproductive? Alice escapes from him and hooks up with a group of survivors in Raccoon City. Strange because there are only 4200 surviving humans left on Earth and more than a dozen of them are right at the epicenter in Raccoon City, a couple dozen more are in the trucks that Isaacs is driving to the hive. Believers…forced to believe. Claire happens to be one of the survivors in Raccoon City. Yay! reunion.

There is a lot of shooting, booby traps, zombies, creatures, bad guys, traitors, and a lot of action scenes. Milla and Paul do an intro to the movie. You can tell they both really love the franchise and the fans to give a farewell message.  Their personal connection to the films is telling in that message. My biggest problem with the film was the cinematography and editing. OK that is two problems. The scenes were extremely choppy, frenetic and you could not tell who was punching who or what at all. Except for a few key moments where the camera stopped bouncing around long enough to showcase a particular method of fighting. A shame really because Milla does her own stunt work and she is damn good at it. This is why I say I was lost for 90 percent of the movie.There are a lot of action scenes.

There is a lot of explaining too. The Red Queen explains things, Alice explains things, Wesker…no Wesker does not do much. Isaacs does though. Claire can still kick ass. You go Ali Larter. The ending was a little bit of a let down, too predictable. Another telling sign was how much activity there was in the theater. There was a lot of getting up to leave, I mean a lot. If you have to go…well go before the movie starts. But hey when you drink a half gallon of cold soda…things stir and you have to go! I am glad that Milla and Paul got to enjoy ten long years of working together. They did not have to keep telling us…ten years ago this and ten years ago Alice did that. There were some nice moments harkening back to the past like the laser beam walls. It was funny when Alice wound up in the hive with all the rich and powerful popsicles. I just kept picturing the Senate in the Phantom Menace, the set was extremely similar. there was a fight on the platform going up and down in the center.

At least things slowed down for the ending.

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