G.I.Joe ‘Super Sonic Fighters Major Bludd’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m getting into the 1991 G.I.Joe Sonic Fighters Major BluddMajor Bludd was one of my favorite characters as a kid but I never had his figure till I found the 2000 version around 2003 at Big Lots. This is a brown version of the 1991 version. I loved the 2000 version because it was the first Major Bludd figure I owned.

Later as I started collecting I got the 1991 Sonic Fighter Major Bludd complete in a collection I bought. The version 2 is blue with yellow and silver grenades. He has a cool yellow futuristic rifle, a jet pack which is cool, and a Sonic disruptor that looks pretty cool in hand. The color scheme made this figure look a little more like the classic blue that Cobra Commander wore. The Sonic fighters were past my Joe prime as a kid so finding Major Bludd and other Sonic Fighters was a whole new experience for me.

Some of the weapons and gear looks a bit odd and oversized but when you have them in hand I get why a 10 year old kid in the nineties fell in love with this line as much as a 10 year old kid in 1985 fell in love with that line. Over all I love the Sonic fighter line and I’m glad I got them in a collection because other wise I probably would not have tracked down Major Bludd or the rest of the line. Who loves the Sonic Fighters line? Which is you favorite version of Major Bludd? Sound off below and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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