Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at a popular character but a 1994 version that in my opinion is under appreciated. Cobra Commander has always been a fan favorite and the original villain for GI Joe. The 1994 Star Brigade is an awesome version that many passed off as not a good Cobra Commander. Personally 1994 was past my prime but getting this version as an adult was really a great and cool version.

I know a lot of people my age who were also well past their GI Joe days in 1994 and probably are not fans of Star Brigade as a whole, but me on the other hand, well I really like this line. This is one of the rare figures where we get a glimpse of what’s under the chrome dome. I had to do a little research on his accessory as I did not have this one as a kid and it was a bit confusing what this contraption was for. Turns out this is a space crawler that he can sit in and the suction cups can latch on to something and carry CC from point A to point B.

Not the coolest design in the Joe world, but I see what it is supposed to do, so pretty cool. The vehicles were all but gone by 1994. The once GI Joe power house who built a 7 foot aircraft carrier produced a few vehicles that by Joe standards were less then spectacular. One of which was not a shuttle of some kind to hold this cool Cobra Commander or any of the other cool Star Brigade characters from 94. How cool would a black Crusader with red windows and highlights have been? Overall I rank this version of Cobra Commander in my top 5, and this head can be swapped out with the 1987 version to give that figure a little more depth, not that it needs it. Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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