Story by Mitchell Smith

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at a G.I. Joe figure that I feel is under appreciated. The 1991 Desert Scorpion is a really cool figure. I did not have one as a kid but this is one that would have been a cool army builder, but also would make a cool stand alone character. In 1991 the US was in the middle of a campaign to neutralize the Middle East. GI Joe tapped into that a little with vehicles like the 1992 Desert Apache and there was the Mauler that I always considered a desert vehicle.

We wouldn’t see many desert vehicles till later in the toy line with vehicles such as the 2005 Desert Humvee and the 2000 Locust. Dusty was pretty much the only Desert trooper on the Joe team and the Desert Scorpion was the first desert Cobra Trooper to come along. I think this guy has a really great look and although there was one modern version I don’t think this figure gets the true love it deserves. There was a Sand Scorpion that I don’t know if this was supposed to be a version 2 and they had to change the name or if he was a new character all together.

I don’t have the weapons or accessories for my figure but I do have his scorpion so I’m good with the detail on this figure and subbing in some different gear. I think some sort of air tank would be cool so he could trek a nasty sandstorm and have the upper hand. There is already the hook up for the hose on his helmet so it would be an easy thing to do. Over all this is a really great figure and he may get lost in shuffle, but I think he would make a really cool classified figure. Who had a Desert Scorpion as a kid? Make sure to check back for out next Joe discussion.


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