Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at a G.I. Joe figure from 1989, Downtown. This is a solid character that I believe is under appreciated. From what I can see he was slightly used in the cartoon and comics. I had the original Mortar soldier Short-Fuze and he was awesome. I also had Downtown who got his name on the basketball court. 3 pointers weren’t as popular back when this character was created but Hama had the right idea when he wrote his file card.

Downtown is great at knocking down his target from beyond the arc. You probably guessed that I love the removable helmet which I seem to have misplaced on my figure I know I have it somewhere , but the loose mortar shells were really cool on this figure and I think a hollow barrel would have been awesome to put them in. I spent many hours as a kid firing off these shells taking out those pesky Frag-Vipers who were tossing grenades at the Joes. According to Joepedia Downtown was the annual sports figure, a tradition started in 1985 with Bazooka, the Fridge, Big Lob, and Captain Grid-Iron being other annual sports figures.

I know many don’t like the bright colors on figures but this was always one of my favorite figures. The orange blends well and downtown would be away from the action a bit anyways. This is the only version of Downtown and I would love to see him in a modern style and a Classified version. Although I think we should get a classified Short-Fuze first it would be cool to see both maybe as a two pack. Who had Downtown as a kid? Who knew he was an annual sports figure? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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