Remembering Music Legend Jimmy Buffett!

Story By Mitchell Smith

James William Buffett was born in 1946 in Mississippi. Buffett whose music is laid back and upbeat has a number of signature songs. “Margaritaville” is a top and back in the day I did a pretty bad ass karaoke cover of this song. “Cheeseburger in Paradise” is another great classic song that I should have tossed into my karaoke playlist, and round it out with “Why Don’t We get Drunk”. Buffett learned guitar while attending Auburn University. After earning his bachelor’s degree in history in 1969, he would pursue his long career of performing. He actually started out in Nashville as a country artist. In Key West he developed his easy going island persona that would become his signature and would lead to many trips to the Caribbean.

Eventually leading him to opening many of his Margaritaville restaurants, which we have one here in town as well. He would go into combine rock, folk, and pop to create great music over the years. Earlier this year buffet announced he would be releasing a new album for all the Parrot Heads, which are what his loyal fans are called. When I was on my senior class trip back in 1994 in New Orleans we were wondering around and all of a sudden everyone was pushing to the side of the street. Marching down the middle of the street is Jimmy Buffett and a parade of people singing, dancing, and handing out beads.

He proceeded to his restaurant and put on a free live show. There was no charge they just opened the windows and doors as people gathered around to watch him. What a fun time that was. Buffet also did many cameos in films such as Hook and Jurassic World, and was always down for late night talk shows. Buffett was a great guy and was always doing benefit concerts and fundraisers for this most in need. He will be missed dearly by friends, fans, and family. RIP Mr. Buffett. Are you a fan of Mr. Buffett? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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