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Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at a vehicle that I feel is under appreciated the G.I. Joe Street Fighter Sonic Boom Tank. I’ve had my eye on the 1994 Street Fighter Sonic Boom for some time. This was a repaint of the 1991 Cobra Paralyzer, but I like the green better than yellow. I also thought about hunting down a Paralyzer or at least the gun which is green to make the Sonic Boom all green. The one I picked up recently is missing the spring loaded projectile but I think it looks better without it.

This is a bit smaller then I thought it was but I feel this is a compact vehicle and goes with the times. Cars were getting smaller and so were Joe vehicles. This is a pretty cool vehicle. The size is comparable to the Triple T. It does have a hatch that lifts up but isn’t necessary. The tracks turn to create more clearance underneath, or maybe this was a climbing feature I’m not sure but it is a neat feature that again seems a bit unnecessary.

Over all I think this is a great little tank that would be quick and stealthy in real life. Who had this as a kid? Who loves the Street Fighter line? Did you have this vehicle in your collection growing up or as an adult? Share your stories with us in the comments below! Make sure to check back for my next Joe discussion.

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