G.I.Joe Vehicles of 1982 Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Today I’m going to get into the G.I.Joe 1982 vehicles as a whole. Remember this was a pilot season for the 3-3/4 inch line and they were taking somewhat of a risk in producing vehicles for the figures. As a whole they hit a home run with every vehicle released that year. First the Mobat which I did an exclusive on earlier is one of the best tanks ever made. For the times they knocked this battery operated tank with real rubber tracks out of the park. Next the Vamp, another vehicle I did an exclusive on, was another one I fell in love with as a 7 year old child. It has such a great unique look to it and its popularity holds well today. The Ram is an awesome bike. You can use it with or without the side cannon.

This was great because not every kid had room for large toys back in the eighties, so this was a vehicle for the figure that didn’t take up much room. The Flak cannon is a great stationary cannon. This was awesome for defending a base from the enemy attack. This is one I had as a kid and it is a very nice vehicle. The Hal cannon is a trailer to be moved around by the Vamp and able to place it in various areas to defend a short range attack. The Jump is relatively simple but this was one of the big pulls for many into G.I. Joe. The Joes being able to strap on a jet pack and fly around from place to place was a very cool concept and still holds up today. The M.M.S. last but not least is one of my favorite from this year.

I had this one and I loved the figure it came with and just loved how cool this looked with the control box that could be used from the ground or from the trailer and the 3 very cool missiles that could fend off an attack from short or long range. I still have my original abused and battered base for the M.M.S. that I use as a generator now. Over all this year had many signature vehicles that had some pretty awesome detail. I think these vehicles have stood up over the stains of time and this first 1982 year was just a great success and a great relaunch to a 12 inch line that had fizzled out in the seventies. Who loves the 1982 lineup? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check make for our next discussion.


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