THE POP EXPOSE -Robin Williams or Will Smith Who is The Best Genie?

Who did it better Robin Williams or Will Smith?

Disney’s Aladdin came out back in 1992 and my older brother dated a girl with a 3 year, so I spent lots of time watching this movie on VHS with that little 3 year old. I didn’t mind though as this is one of my favorite movies. One of the biggest attractions in this movie was the singing, the story, and the Genie played by the late great Robin Williams. Williams is the Genie. He brought this character to life and there will never ever be another Robin Williams. Fast forward to 2019 and Disney made a new live action Aladdin.

I was a bit skeptical on who would play the Genie when I first heard of plans for the live action movie, and it was no other then the great Will Smith. The movie was really good and Will Smith did a knockout job, but I will always be partial to the original Genie. Williams did such a great job and that 3 year old I watched it with countless times was tragically murdered some years later. The original movie is something that reminds me of that sweet innocent little girl. Both movies are really well done and if you have not watched both make sure to put them on your movie list. Which genie do you like better? Sound off below and let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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