G.I.Joe ‘WILD WEASEL’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m sticking with G.I.Joe pilots and making sure I don’t leave out one of the greatest pilots ever created. 1983 had an awesome jet in the Skystriker and even though there were several Cobra jets in the cartoon 1984 needed a unique rival jet to battle the Skystriker. In comes the Cobra Rattler. Perhaps the number 1 jet ever made. The Rattler was awesome and it was one I had as a kid or at least my brother had it and we shared.

Making an awesome jet to rival the Skystriker also needs an awesome pilot to Rival Ace. In comes the number 1 Cobra Pilot Wild Weasel. Wild Weasel looks like he fits in with the Crimson command but he was the first original Red Raider. Well maybe second if you count the Hiss driver, but he had a lot of black and blue on his red. Any hoot, Wild Weasel was predominantly Red and he has one of the most unique helmet sculpts in the Cobra Lineup. There was a ton of detail added to the original Wild Weasel and although he only had a few slightly less attractive figures made of him, the 2008 modern version was a duplicate of the 1984 figure that was scaled more proportionately.

The figure did feature a pair of removable goggles which was a really cool feature but I think a removable helmet would have been really cool, even if they had left his mouth and neck covered like the cobra trooper. I do not know of any 12 inch version and a 6 inch would be way too cool. Wild Weasel was a staple in the cartoon and I believe he was in a good number of comics. Who thinks Wild Weasel is the number 1 overall Cobra pilot? Who would buy a 6 inch version even though a 1/12 scale Rattler may be out of the picture? Are you a fan of Wild Weasel and The Rattler? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know. Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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