G.I.Joe’Cobra B.A.T.’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. 1986 was a bit of a turning point for G.I. Joe. The previous 4 years had posted some awesome figures and vehicles and the success and popularity was mounding. This led to creative ideas and some pretty awesome characters and figures. The 1989 B.A.T. was a very cool idea. Cobra troopers, Vipers, and Crimson Guards really didn’t get hurt in the cartoon, but the Battle Android Troopers were characters that could be ripped apart and destroyed and it was just a machine with a human type bodies, so I think it was accepted as a non violent type of battle.

Anyhow, the first B.A.T.s were really awesome. Just a really cool color scheme, weapons that were interchangeable that attached to the arm, and the chest plate that showed robotic innards. These looked great on the T.V. as well. They were introduced with many great characters such as Dr. Mindbender, General Hawk, and Serpentor. The B.A.T. really stood out especially watching SGT. Slaughter take on a whole slew of them all at once and making them a scrap pile. The B.A.T.s have had a number of cool upgrades over the years including many modern day versions.

I liked the 90s B.A.T.s and there was a really cool Camo one in the modern run. There are a ton of cool ones but the original will always be my favorite. Which B.A.T. do you like the best? How many different versions do you have? Which B.A.T. is your favorite? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP! I know I have at least 10 different versions and many in multiples as these are nice to army build. Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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