G.I.Joe: Half The Battle Featuring ‘United We Stand’!


On this week’s episode of ‘Half The Battle‘, we take a look at the episode of the DIC G.I.Joe cartoon series titled, ‘United We Stand‘! Find what we think about the episode in the player below, then make the JUMP to the forum and join in the discussion!

The Joe team gets wind of a secret Cobra base and send Ambush and Pathfinder in to destroy it. Unfortunately they can not work together as a team and they end up setting up their explosives at both exits of the base, and blowing themselves up! They end up in the medical ward at Joe HQ.

Cobra Commander develops a new “Behavior Gas” that transforms any human brain into a radio reciever. He then puts the gas into Missiles which he threatens to launch on every major city on earth. What he wants in exchange for not launching the missiles is fifty million dollars. Unfortunately Salvo is infected with the gas and goes berzerker! Ambush and Pathfinder dress up as female nurses and escape the hospital ward, and go on their own private mission to shut down Cobra Commander and his missiles before he gases the entire planet!



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