“Super7 Unveils Exciting Plans for O-Ring G.I. Joes in 2024 – Exclusive Details Revealed!”

Super7 shared out new details on their Mothership Crowdfunding event with the added bonus of confirming they are going forward with O-Ring G.I. Joes starting in 2024! The O-Rings will feature designs from Sundbow, DiC and 80s comics to start. Check the details below, and prep for some retro goodies next year! It’s official… O-Ring will be joining our 3.75″ figure line in Fall ’24! We’ll be kicking off the product line with characters from G.I. Joe Sunbow, DiC, and ’80s Comic! To celebrate this news, we are re-deploying our…

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G.I.Joe: Half The Battle Featuring ‘United We Stand’!

On this week’s episode of ‘Half The Battle‘, we take a look at the episode of the DIC G.I.Joe cartoon series titled, ‘United We Stand‘! Find what we think about the episode in the player below, then make the JUMP to the forum and join in the discussion! The Joe team gets wind of a secret Cobra base and send Ambush and Pathfinder in to destroy it. Unfortunately they can not work together as a team and they end up setting up their explosives at both exits of the base,…

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G.I.Joe Half The Battle 

Half The Battle – G.I.Joe ‘Night Of The Creepers’ Review!

In this episode of G.I.Joe Half The Battle, I take a look at the DIC G.I.Joe Cartoon Series episode, “Night of the Creepers“! Check out the video in the player below, then make the JUMP to the forums and join in the discussion. As always like, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel if that’s your thing!

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