Generations Impactor Add-on Kit Coming to Shapeways!

Wreck N Rule Generations Impactor Add-on Kit Coming to Shapeways Image (11)__scaled_600

Want to make your Generations Impactor totally epic? If so you will want to grab this great third party add on kit from Shapeways. Check out the full details on it below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Wreck N Rule! Add-on kit to turn Generations Warpath into the Wrecker Impactor. The kit includes a shoulder cannon, hand gun, harpoon to replace his current hand and a head with three different faces. It has been tested using WSF. The shoulder cannon can be used in the location of the firing Warpath missile, the stock screw is used to hold the cannon in place. The chest will take the place of Warpaths cannon and includes the mounting piece needed to attach to Warpath. For the Harpoon, it comes with three different attachments, a long and short harpoon and also a drill attachment. They use a 3mm clip so they can be used on other figures as well. The harpoon attachments have to be removed during transformation. The head is 2 pieces that features three faces that can interchanged. The Warpath figure still transforms without any problems.


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