Geoff Johns Talks ‘Captain Cold’, ‘Gorilla Grodd’, ‘Reverse-Flash’ And More In THE FLASH

DC Comics CCO and The Flash co-creator Geoff Johns talks here about not wasting any time introducing Reverse-Flash and Gorilla Grodd, and goes on to talk in details about Wentworth Miller’s take on the villainous Captain Cold and how much work went into accurately portraying that character…



The Flash has been a huge hit for The CW, and after record breaking ratings for the premiere, the second episode showed no signs of showing down. One of the best parts about the series is the fact that it feels so similar to the comic books, and this was something Geoff Johns believes its success can in part be attributed to. “I felt like “Smallville” had shied away from the comic book stuff a little bit, but then as the seasons went on, obviously it got to that place,” he told the site about how The Flash differs to other comic book TV shows. “With “Arrow” it was more grounded, but it got to that place with Deathstroke, and it felt like it was the next step of comic book television shows. When we were doing “Flash,” it was like, “You know what, he’s going to have a red costume, he’s going to be called ‘The Flash,’ the world’s going to know about him, we’re going to do the Rogues, we’re going to do Grodd.” There were pictures that were leaked online of Reverse-Flash. People were like, “Oh, it’s so soon!” Well, yeah, because this is our chance to do a “Flash” TV show. And if this is our chance to do a “Flash” TV show, we’re going to put everything we can into it. And I don’t mean shoving characters in there, but embracing what it is.”

It seems like no one working on the series was too phased by the fact Reverse-Flash was spotted on set and the fact they’re wasting no time in introducing him and The Rogues should come as very welcome news to sceptical fans who believed that we’d mostly end up seeing random “freak of the week” type metahumans each episode. The fact that Gorilla Grodd is DEFINITELY happening is also pretty huge, but another iconic Flash villain coming to the show soon is Captain Cold, and Johns had this to say about Wentworth Miller bringing the character to the small screen.


When I was on set, and he first came out — it’s just really cool to see him hold that cold gun. There was a huge debate about, “Does he hold the gun with two hands or one hand?” Glen Winter, who directed it — he directed some “Arrow” episodes I wrote, and some “Smallville” [episodes] when I first started writing TV — I’ve known him for a long, long time, and we got to talk a lot about Barry, and Snart, and what it all meant emotionally. There are some really cool emotional arcs in that episode that make Cold even stronger of a character, and he represents a lot in the show when you see it. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.
It was great to have these debates about why he would hold it with one hand. It wasn’t just because it looked cooler, it was because of the confidence he has when he touches that cold gun for the first time. It’s almost like, “Oh my god, where have you been all my life?” The way that Wentworth portrayed it — he evolves from this very intelligent and driven criminal, and then he’s in a city where a streak is showing up, and it’s causing all these problems, and he realizes he’s got to evolve himself. This is the first step of his evolution. We talked a lot about the character, his attitude, where he’s going to go. To be able to sit there on set and talk with Wentworth and Glen about Captain Cold — that’s heaven, y’know? Especially when you’re working with an actor this talented, talking to the prop guys that were making the gun about what it should look like — I hope people enjoy the episode. I’m really happy with how it turned out.


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