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Two hours and fourteen minutes that will plunge you headlong into the Hell that was World War II.
Fury will rip you apart emotionally as you journey with this tank crew deep into the heart of Germany. You experience the world at war through the eyes of the clerk, Norman. 8 weeks in the Army now attached to the 2nd AD, you are for all intents and purposes a virgin. You make mistakes and there are consequences.
Beautifully shot by Roman Vasyanov there are several scenes, especially the opening, that are mesmerizing. You will not be able to look away. Even if you know what is coming. If you think you know what is coming? It still hits you hard. The entire sequence in the German house is very intense. You may think you know where the story is leading to but you will be wrong.
There is very little character interaction, but what is there, speaks volumes.
The audience in this packed theater for tonight’s first showing gasped more than once.
Fury does not glorify war like the movies of the Fifties where the war was still fresh in many minds. It is gritty, gruesome, and harsh.

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