Get the Skinny on Face Off G.I.JOE Edition!


GIJOE is going to be on Syfy’s original series Face Off on September 16th.
There will be two airings so be sure to catch one of them. … id:2811146

Here is the write up on General’s Joes and the promo that Syfy ran at the end of the Sept 9th episode. … -face-off/
Twitter blew up right after that and there is a huge excitement brewing for this episode.

The contestants are to create a new character for Cobra called a Serpent Soldier.
Could this be a new version of Serpentor?
A new Cobra Trooper that is the product of DR. Mindbender’s attempts to combine animals with humans?
We will all find out on the 16th.
Now there are just a few contestants left so there will not be a lot of creatures slithering around on the Face Off stage but there will be a few.
Here are the remaining contestants:

Damien … _zimmerman
George … oester_iii


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