Ghetto Blast , Mugan Amputare, Mugan Scope 2 by KFC!

KFC Ghetto Blast , Mugan Amputare, Mugan Scope 2 - Final Photos of the Triple Changing Trio (3)__scaled_600

We have brought you previous updates on the awesome ‘Ghetto Blast‘ figure aka ‘Not Blaster‘ coming from KFC Toys. But today we have the final production photos of Ghetto Blast , Mugan AmputareMugan Scope 2 or ‘Not Blaster, ‘Not Shockwave’ and ‘Not Perceptor’ from the Third Party Transformers Company. Check out these amazing figures below and let us know what you think of them after the JUMP!


Finished product photos of the triple changing trio.

These are the official modes, but this highly flexible mold has several fan modes out there.


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