Girls of the Finest Calendar!


My friends at the finest are doing something pretty cool, check out the information below on The Girl’s of the Finest Calendar!

“Girls of the Finest” Calendar
The 50th anniversary of GI Joe is here, and we wanted to do something special to celebrate this milestone. We also wanted to showcase our amazing members from around the country by creating something that GI Joe and Cobra fans everywhere could enjoy. And thus the idea for the Girls of the Finest calendar was born!

Trust us, this is no ordinary pin-up calendar. We are passionate about the characters we portray and we want to reflect the passion of the G.I. Joe fandom. All of your favorite female characters (plus a few twists on classic characters) will be portrayed here – 12 months of our amazing female costumers photographed exclusively for this calendar! We think you’ll agree that the Girls of the Finest is unlike any calendar you’ve seen before.

And as if that weren’t enough…

We also wanted to show our support for the Real American Heroes that make up our U.S. military. Thus, all net proceeds earned from this campaign will go to benefit Wounded Warrior Project. That means whatever money is left after we pay for the printing and distribution of the calendars and all associated perks will be presented to Wounded Warrior Project with our thanks.

We Need YOU!!

As excited as we are about this project, we can’t do it without YOU. Only through your donations will this calendar happen. Your contribution of $5 or more will allow us to:

• Compile all the calendar photography

• Design/produce the calendar and all associated perks

• Pay for printing and shipping costs of the calendar and perks

We will be creating EXCLUSIVE content for this campaign that will only be available to those who donate here, including Girls of the Finest trading cards, post cards, patches and t-shirts! These will only be produced in limited quantities and once they’re sold out, that’s it!

Everyone who donates $5 or more will receive an exclusive Girls of the Finest item. Anyone donating $25 or more will receive the calendar PLUS exclusive items! (See perks below for a complete list)

How to Get Involved

Clearly, donating funds is the #1 way to get involved but if you can’t contribute, that doesn’t mean you can’t help! We also need people to get the word out and make some noise about our campaign. Share our link on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media, let other GI Joe fans know what we’re doing, use the Indiegogo share tools to spread the word, harness the power of the Internet to help us achieve WORLD DOMINATION! (Oh sorry, Cobra Commander took over typing there for a minute…)

Just get involved in whatever way you can – all help is appreciated!

Funding begins on Monday, February 10th!

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