Gremlins 2 Brown Stunt Puppet Prop Replica!

The ’80s were truly a golden time for horror – the monsters were creepy and hilarious, the fake blood was plentiful, and you could hardly swing a cat without hitting a puppet or bucket of glitter.

Few films fully embodied ’80s horror like Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch. They were wacky, weird, violent, and funny as hell, and the Gremlins remain one of cinema’s most iconic monsters.

Now you can bring some more mayhem into your collection with the Gremlins 2 Brown Stunt Puppet Prop Replica. This gruesome beauty stands a whopping 30-inches tall and comes with a custom metal stand for easy display.

Cast directly from an original puppet used onscreen in the goofy sequel, he’s made from rubber and latex and features fine detailing in his face and markings. This Gremlin prop replica is limited to 1,000 pieces, so be sure to pre-order today before he gets away!
Gremlins 2 Brown Stunt Puppet Prop Replica – Free Shipping CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOURS!

Price: $229.99


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