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Alien: Covenant is a mix of Alien, 2001 A space Odyssey and maybe Friday the Thirteenth. The sequel to Prometheus, be prepared to continue the tale which in Alien fashion does not bode well for the previous characters. Humans have destroyed Earth with their wasteful ways and overpopulation and are seeking a new home. A new planet to start fresh. A point made very clear in the beginning in the conversation between David and Weyland.

From the beginning David shows he is almost too human, Weyland wanted a son, so he made one. There are key elements in the very first scene between Weyland and David. Be sure to pay attention. Fast forward to ten years after the Prometheus and now the crew of the Covenant and their colonists are in deep sleep making their way across the galaxy to Origae-6.
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A new android named Walter is in charge of the ship.Mother, sets up the ship for a routine collection of solar energy to refuel. A burst of energy disables the sail and Walter must wake the crew. The captain dies when his pod malfunctions and he is burned alive. The crew of the Covenant gets the ship under control and see that there is a much more hospitable planet nearby. There they find the Prometheus and David. David, in typical android fashion, has had too much time to think, he sees that the aliens are a more advanced life form, and since Weyland instilled him with the ability to be creative, David has been experimenting for ten years to develop such a perfect life form. He needs hosts and the Covenant is full of 2000 of them.

David played by Michael Fassbender is a very complex character. It is interesting to see the contrast between David and Walter who Fassbender also plays. Walter is designed to protect the humans and will sacrifice to do so. He loses an arm to the acid of a beast. David mistakes this for love for Daniels, the latest Captain. He thinks Walter is in love with her but Walter says it is just duty. David feels a love as well, his love is for his perfect being he has created. He too will sacrifice for that love but his love is misguided.

The crew of the Covenant find out very quickly that this is a very inhospitable environment and despite a raging ion storm are able to escape with Walter back to the Covenant. Thinking they are safe, the crew relaxes their guard. This is an alien movie though so they of course are not safe.

If you go be sure to pay particular attention to the performances of Fassbender in his dual role. Do not expect new and exciting scenes of alien carnage. After so many movies their methodology and the way they are genetically designed has all been well set in stone.
The spores are a new thing, but the results are the same as getting a face hugger kiss. Do pay attention to the relationships between characters. For the most part the characters are very likable.

There are a couple of scenes in particular that remind me very much of slasher flicks and to be honest did not really fit in the film. I enjoy the more subtle but intense attacks of the creatures in the past films. The stars of the movie are the “brothers” Walter and David, their yin and yang holds the film together and is the true story you have been invited to see. I do fear that the cerebral approach Covenant takes may be too slow for younger audiences who now like their information in six second bursts or two sentences in digital social media.

The art of true storytelling is slowly being replaced and it is good to see that Covenant ignores all of that and takes its time to weave a real story.

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