HE-MAN Returns to the Toy Aisle in 2020!

We have exciting news to report today from SDCC, as Mattel has announced that He-Man is coming back in 2020 in an updated retro form. The New He-Man line will have the vintage look that we all love but will now be updated with tons of articulation! Also these new offerings will be available in retro style packaging! Check out more details and images on this below and let us know if you will be collecting them AFTER THE JUMP!

Source: IO9

Decades after debuting way back in 1982, there have been several attempts to revive those original figures, but starting in 2020, io9 can exclusively reveal that Mattel will release a new Masters of the Universe Origins Line, starting with He-Man and Skeletor at SDCC. Check out all the details below and let us know if you will be picking these up!

The Masters of the Universe Origins Line marks the first time Mattel is revisiting the vintage styling of its original MOTU toys. The new figures still stand about 5.5-inches tall, and feature the same incredibly buff builds and bulging muscles as the ‘80s figuress did, but with some updates made possible by 37 years of advancements in toy manufacturing.

Even the packaging for the new Masters of the Universe Origins line is highly influenced by the original ‘80s figures, with a gratuitous use of shiny metal-effect lettering. Mattel has even created an updated line of mini-comic books that will be included with every Origins line figure—a tactic that originally allowed the toymaker to give the characters it was introducing in the early ‘80s an interesting backstory before the animated series hit the airwaves, but now it just serves as an added and welcome bit of nostalgia.

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