SDCC 2019 Hasbro ‘Transformers’ Display!

Today we have a look at the new and upcoming Transformers figures from Hasbro displayed at SDCC. While many of these we already knew about, there are some very exciting surprises, including a ‘phasing’ Mirage figure. Check out the gallery of images below and let us know how many of these you plan on adding to your collection AFTER THE JUMP!

Siege Greenlight
Siege Fan Vote Battle 3-pack with Decepticon Impactor (Siege Impactor with new head and Decepticon insignia), Holo Mirage (Siege Mirage in blue clear plastic) and Powerdasher Aragon (Siege Cog with new head and deco inspired by the mail-away G1 Powerdasher figure).
Siege Autobot Alphastrike Counterforce: Covert Clone Sideswipe (G2 deco), Slamdance (Raindance and Grand Slam, remold of Skytread) and Battlemaster Trenchfoot.
Siege Decepticon Phantomstrike Squadron with Decepticon Fracas, Shrute, Skywarp and Terror-Daxtyl.
Siege Ratchet
G1 Soundwave & Buzzaw reissue

SDCC 2019 Hasbro ‘Transformers’ Display!

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