In Hand Photos Of Generations Defensor!


All of the Combiner figures in the new Transformers Generations Combiner Wars line are amazing, but, the new ‘Defensor‘ figure may be the cream of the crop. Today we have some awesome in hand images of the new figure to share with you. Check those out below, and let us know what grade you give the new Defensor after the JUMP!


Finally from TFND user GENETIC, we have a gallery of the combined Defensor, following one at a time looks at each of the team members. Hot Spot made a huge impression, and since Toy Fair everyone has wondered how well Defensor will work. Unfortunately the answer is not great. Bending the hips make it look like its ribcage has collapsed, although apart from that it’s not doing too badly. We’ve got the photos mirrored, so click through and have a look!


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