Joecon is Being Replaced with Hascon?


We all know that the G.I.Joe Convention run by FunPub, is coming to an end with its final convention this coming July. Now it looks like Hasbro is going to be keeping future conventions ‘in house’, but not in a way that looks to be pleasing to G.I.Joe Fans. According to Hisstank, Hasbro has purchased the trademark for, ‘Hascon‘, which could be interpreted as a possible yearly convention to showcase Hasbro’s toy properties. What does this mean for G.I.Joe fans and collectors? Most likely, it means no more ‘diorama contests’, customizing panels, or many of the other activities that have made ‘Joecon’ a destination for G.I.Joe Collectors for the past 20 years. What ‘Hascon‘ is more likely to be is another opportunity for Hasbro to showcase their items and get advertising like they do with their showcases at Toy Fair and San Diego Comic Con. What do you think about this latest news. Would you be satisfied with ‘Hascon’ every year? Or would you be disappointed that there will no longer be a convention that caters directly to G.I.Joe Collectors?
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