MakeToys MTRM-02N GunDog Not MP Hound Figure Images!

MakeToys MTRM-02Y GunDog Type 61 and MTRM-02N GunDog Not MP Hound Figure Images (1)__scaled_600

If you are a fan of the old school Autobot character ‘Hound‘, you are going to be excited to check out the new Third Party Transformers ‘Not Masterpiece Hound’ figure coming from MakeToys. Get the skinny on the details of this offering below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP! And head over to BBTS and get your pre-order in!


Just in are new images and pre-orders for two different versions of the Make toys Gundog transforming action figures. The green military jeep model will please many fans with this homage to the G1 character Hound that is available in two different releases as MTRM-02N GunDog, and the MTRM-02Y GunDog Type 61 that comes in a modern and classic versions. Both figures are listed begin shipping in September 2015 for a price of $89.99 USD. Read on to see the images and ordering links now.


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