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Marvel Comics – Taskmaster Statue by Sideshow Collectibles!

Sideshow Collectibles has opened pre-orders for their new Marvel Comics – Taskmaster Premium Format Figure. Taskmaster is 21.5″ tall on a themed base. Taskmaster wields a sword in one hand, and a bow in the other, where a shield is attached. A wired fabric cape that can be adjusted how you like is also included. The standard Collector Edition features a skull mask, inspired by his more classic comic appearance. Join in the conversation AFTER THE JUMP!

Marvel Comics – Taskmaster Premium Format Figure

Sideshow presents the Taskmaster Premium Format™ Figure, ready to defeat your universe of Marvel collectibles.

The Taskmaster Premium Format™ Figure measures 21.5” tall and 25” wide, poised on top of a training facility base as the skilled tactician Tony Masters brandishes his sword assertively at his foes. Armed with his traditional Avengers-fighting arsenal, including the sword, a shield, and a bow and quiver, Taskmaster stands confident that he has already won the battle before it even begins.

The polyresin Taskmaster Premium Format™ Figure features a mixed media costume with faithful callbacks to his earliest appearance as well as modernized elements. Taskmaster wears a wired, posable fabric cape and hood with a white textured exterior, red inner lining, and weathering details. The rest of his blue, orange, and white costume is sculpted and includes his bodysuit, belts, gloves, and boots to complete his striking look. Taskmaster’s shield and belt buckle are emblazoned with his signature ‘T’ shaped logo, and his menacing skull mask portrait gives this master combatant an ominous appearance.

The Exclusive Edition of the Taskmaster Premium Format™ Figure includes an alternate tactical mask portrait, which swaps this supervillain’s traditional skull face for a more modern armored look.

Commit this Marvel villain to memory and bring home the Taskmaster Premium Format™ Figure today!

Marvel Comics – Taskmaster Statue by Sideshow Collectibles!


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