‘G.I.Joe Snow Job’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

 Today I’m getting into the original G.I.Joe snowtrooper. Snow Job who was born in Rutland, VT not to far from where I grew up from, so I have been in his home town several times. Snow Job was featured many times in the early days as there were several arctic adventures and Snow Job lead the way. He was also a main character in the modern cartoons as well. Snow Job was also featured in many of the comics and has been a staple character for the G.I Joe franchise.

The 1983 figure was really cool and came with skis, poles, and a pack that held them both. He had several upgrades over the years. I loved the 2008 modern style figure and bought many of these to build an arctic army with simple head swaps and the loose hood can be switched to create many different arctic figures. I also liked the 2010 version but he was not so readily available at retail. Who are my Snow Job fans? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion, it may get a little trippy.


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