MasterMind Creations Azalea “Not Arcee” Color Images!


MasterMind Creations Azalea New Color Images From Not Arcee Figure Project (1)__scaled_600

Can’t wait for the upcoming Transformers Generations Arcee, OR mabee you just love the character and want to pick up as many versions of her as you can? Well if that is the case you will want to look into grabbing the new “Azalea” or “Not Arcee” coming from MasterMind Creations. This figure pays homage to the original G1 character. Check out the figure below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


MasterMind Creations have released new images for their Azalea Project that pays homage to the G1 Arcee character. Get a look at color test shot and full colored images of the figure in her robot and alternate vehicle modes as well as compared with the Transformers Animated Arcee and Generations Grimlock. The figure appears to be shaping up quite well as one of the better renderings of this character. Check out the new images of the Project Azalea NOT Arcee Figure from MasterMind Creations below for more details now.

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