MP Scale ‘Not Blurr’ Coming!

New Image Confirms MP Scale SXS R-02 Not Blurr Project Figure__scaled_600

Another great G1 style Third Party Transformer in Masterpiece scale is coming. ‘Not Blurr‘ is in the works from SXS, and he will be made in his Cybertronian Racer design. For more on this, check out the details below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!


The weibo page for SXS (the people who made R-01 Continuously Variable and the jet pack for MP10 Optimus Prime) have released a new figure image of R-02, a clear homage to the Autobot Blurr that shows this will be an MP scale figure. Unlike the Hasbro Generations Blurr, this toy embraces Blurr’s G1 Cybertronian racer mode. Read on to see the figure and compare with MP Sideswipe.


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