My Favorite G.I.Joe From 1983 – Story By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. 1983 was a challenging year for me as a G.I.Joe fan. As we all know they reissued the 1982 characters with new swivel arms which created a better poseable figure. My brother got Ace and the Skystriker and me I got nothing. My brother was good about sharing but still I had nothing to call my own. He also ended up with a Destro which is still a solid figure. It wasn’t till the following year when I received some hand me downs from my cousin that I found my favorite 83 figure.

Airborne had it all and just popped for me. Right from head to toe he has a helmet with molded goggles, but this was a new design and I still love his helmet today. Airborne’s uniform really pops with the blue vest over the top of his tan fatigues. Airborne also had an insignia on his arm something that would become a signature for many figures. Rounded out with a cool pack and rifle Airborne is still a solid figure today. Overall 83 was full of great characters and it was always so fun to see such great creativity. Who is your favorite 1983 figure? Make sure to check back for my 1984 figure.


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