New ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Trailer is Here!


Tom Cruise has been making some really fantastic movies the past few years from Jack Reacher to Oblivian. His latest work, ‘Edge of Tomorrow‘ is no exception. Check out the all new trailer below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: screencrush)

The latest ‘Edge of Tomorrow‘ trailer has arrived, and it gives us an extended look at the latest sci-fi action epic starring Tom Cruise doing what Tom Cruise does best: playing a soldier who fights enigmatic aliens — but this time he’s got one seriously badass mech suit, and Emily Blunt is here to help him out.
The extended trailer gives us another look at the upcoming film, based on the Japanese novel ‘All You Need Is Kill,’ and starring Cruise as a military officer caught in a time loop, where he must learn and re-learn the combat skills necessary to fight off an alien adversary that’s taken over Earth. Cruise’s character dies every day, but each day he retains his knowledge and becomes stronger and smarter with the help of co-stars Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton.
The trailer shows off some of the film’s action, as well as those supremely awesome mech suits. We’re used to seeing Tom Cruise play the action hero, and we’ve seen him take on aliens before, but we’ve never quite seen him pull off something like this.
‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is directed by Doug Liman, and Cruise’s buddy Christopher McQuarrie (‘Jack Reacher’) is co-credited on the screenplay. The film hits theaters on June 6.



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