New Third Party Transformers Masterpiece-Scaled Ironhide Figure!

OS01 (5)__scaled_600

Today we have a look at the first prototype images for the upcoming Third Party Transformers, ‘TFC Old Soldiers OS-01‘. This is the new Masterpiece-Scaled Ironhide figure coming from TFC. Check out the details and the images below and let us know what you think after the JUMP!


TFC has posted images to their Weibo page of Old Soldiers OS-01, which is their Masterpiece-scaled take on G1 Ironhide! While he falls squarely between MP-10 Optimus Prime and MP-13 Sideswipe in height, his robot mode stylings are definitely more modern-looking than most Masterpieces. Even so, that puts him somewhere in the Voyager or Ultra size spectrum, so that may still be an Ironhide you’d be looking for.


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