Wild Bill was a fun loving cowboy helicopter pilot in the Sunbow 80’s G.I. Joe cartoon, and he was a bit more serious in the Marvel ARAH comic book.

He rescued the Joe’s on a number of occasions, and perhaps is more crucial to the story-lines than one would expect.

We know Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, Stalker and Wade Collins had a tight knit community forged in their days as the L.R.R.P. recon patrol in Southeast Asia. But what of Huey crew that played an important role in the story not ending on that fateful day?

Stalker ordered the Huey pilot to take off and leave Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes, as the NVA platoon moved in.

He didn’t.

He revved the rotors and returned fire, buying them precious time and then flying away safely.

Although we don’t know all about his past, I propose this Huey pilot might have been Wild Bill.


Later, Wild Bill was the only friend who helped Snake-Eyes prepare the Eskimo Kwinn for his final send-off. He provided narration that Snake-Eyes could not.

Although not in the tightest of the inner circle, he is only one circle removed in my opinion.

He is Wild Bill.


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