Oktober Guard is coming to Transformers vs GIJOE!


Tom Scioli gave an interview explaining the new popularity of the Transformers vs GIJOE comic printed by IDW publishing.
http://deadshirt.net/2014/09/18/tom-sci … s-g-i-joe/

Deadshirt.net was able to glean some interesting facts from Tom Scioli.
Chief among them is that the Oktober Guard will be making an appearance but not the Oktober Guard we know.

S: We’re still trying to decide if he’ll be a part of it since we’re not really sure what Snake-Eyes’ allegiances are at this point in the story. The Oktober Guard is going to show up and they’re going to be very different from how they’ve been depicted previously. My friend [Hip Hop Family Tree writer-artist] Ed Piskor loved G.I. Joe comics as a kid and when I told him I wanted to do the Oktober Guard he was like “F**k them, their costumes are silly, they suck. If you can make the Oktober Guard cool then you’ve really accomplished something!” and so I created something very very different and something I’m proud of, and I showed it to him and he was like “Dude, you did the impossible. You made the Oktober Guard cool!”
I don’t know what Ed Piskor’s problem is with the Oktober Guard, I think they are fine the way they were. We shall see.

Tom also said that since people are eating up this book, that Hasbro has sat up and taken notice. They are approving certain things and changing things in the book now.

TS: They were pretty hands off in the beginning but in this most recent issue there were a number of things I was told I needed to change. So I had to change them, and in some of the cases I took that as an opportunity to make something better. In some of the cases I wasn’t able to come up with a solution and I had to go with an inferior element; I had to take something that I thought worked and take it a step down.

But that’s very, very recent, and I attribute that to, when this thing happened, it was just sort of a lark. Like “oh, let’s put out a Transformers/G.I. Joe comic and see what happens.” Now it’s a hit and it’s like “okay, we have something here,” so there’s more eyes and more attention on it. So it should be fine, I just wasn’t anticipating that change, so now with the next issue I’ll create with that in mind and lean towards things I’m interested in and want to do but that wouldn’t trigger a reaction like that.

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